Meet the Friends of TMDG -- Joe Towne

By kowshi


Share a childhood memory about food/cooking.

I have so many food memories, because it it one of my strongest and most visceral things I experience. I don't know if it's because I am a Taurus or what…but I relate specific meals with specific people and when I want to honor certain people or certain experiences I have had I will seek out or create a meal that reminds me of that.

When I was little, I loved Carrot Cake. I was obsessed with it. If we went out to a restaurant, I would ask if they had carrot cake for dessert. I knew that I loved it, I knew it was my favorite dessert, but I didn't ever know why.

Years later, long after my parents divorce, I came to find out that "the best carrot cake" my mom ever had was on her wedding day. It was her wedding cake when she married my step-dad. A happy day.

After they divorced I think I was protesting, in my way, the ending of their relationship. In my little nine year old brain, I was probably thinking that if I could eat enough carrot cake they would get back together.

Little kid logic. And one powerful food memory, for sure.

Favorite restaurant in your city and/or in the world?

My favorite restaurant in San Francisco is called FANG. My favorite restaurant in Sonoma is calledTHE GIRL AND THE FIG. My favorite restaurant in St Helena is called FARMSTEAD. My favorite restaurant in New Orleans is K-PAULS.

My favorite restaurant in Los Angeles is probably Pizzeria Mozza. My favorite restaurants in New York City are PEPOLINO (Italian) and PYLOS (Greek).

My favorite thing about eating in Bologna was being able to walk in anywhere and say: feed me.

Favorite thing to cook at home or favorite thing to order in?

My favorite meal to cook at home is homemade pasta sauce over a nest of Cappellini topped with chicken tenders cooked in a salt, pepper and light teriyaki sauce, garnished with sautéed mushrooms. I also love a good brussels sprout and am working on several different flavor combinations for them. I am a recovering Kale Salad junkie as well.

Favorite things to order in are: Thai Food (from Galanga) or a New York Style Pizza (from Village Pizzeria)

What is you favorite thing to eat on a Saturday morning?

Favorite thing to eat on a Saturday morning would be poached eggs on an English muffin (at my aunt Terry’s house because she makes them better than anywhere I have ever been).

If I could have some thick cut bacon on the side, "accidentally" dipped in a little maple syrup, that would put things over the top.

What is your favorite food related scene from a movie or TV show?

For my birthday this year, I lived out my favorite food related scene from a movie. A group of friends gathered and we watched the movie Big Night (with Stanley Tucci, Ian Holm, Tony Shaloub and Allison Janney) and the entire second half of the movie is set at a feast which culminates in something called Timpano. Which basically means a drum of pasta filled with handmade deliciousness. This year, we made Timpano (amongst other things) and paused the movie at that time to go over to the kitchen and take the Timpano out of the oven, slice it and eat it during the remaining parts of the film. It was one of the best experiences I can remember.

Watch the scene

What is the one food item you cannot live without?

Currently, pickled vegetables.

What else?

Food, to me, is best when shared. For my whole life, the best parts of my day are sharing food with the ones I love. It's an energy thing as well as a delight for the senses. If I can introduce someone to an amazing food experience it feels better than some career milestones. It is a truly glorious thing.


Joe Towne is an actor who has been in such features as Garfield: the Movie, The Omen and Freedom Writers. He has guest-starred on such shows as Law and Order: SVU, The L Word, All My Children and Fringe. This past year, Joe co-created a hit web series, Friends In Therapy, which was most

recently nominated for a L.A. Weekly comedy award. Joe just got back from the Austin Film Festival where a movie he acted in (which his wife Erin write and produced) won the audience award for the best in low budget filmmaking (the Write/Record series)

The other side of Joe's life is that he is a life coach and feng shui consultant, going by The Feng Shui Guy. He has had his own radio show on Sirius Sattelite radio, sold a TV show based on his work to the SyFy channel and he has written a book, called Serene Makeover, which led to him being a guest on The Dr. Oz Show. Most recently, he did a tour called ABBONDANZA bringing feng shui workshops to people around the country.

For more information please visit or follow him on Facebook and Twitter