Meet the Friends of TMDG -- Erin Cardillo

By Lee Knaz

Share a childhood memory about food/cooking.

I remember my Italian grandmother making pizza from scratch in our kitchen growing up. I used to watch her kneed the dough and spread it out on the floured surface of our wooden kitchen table. When she was done we'd fry the left over pizza dough and cover it in powered sugar together. I was not a thin child, but I was very happy.

Favorite restaurant in your city and/or in the world.

This is hard… Farmstead in Napa. Fang in SF. Nobu in Malibu. New favorite: Crossroads in West Hollywood.

Favorite thing to cook at home or favorite thing to order in?

Favorite thing to order in currently is thai food from Galanga Thai in LA. Favorite thing to cook would have to be… omelettes with fun cheeses in them.

What is you favorite thing to eat on a Saturday morning?

An omelette with lox, cream cheese, dill and capers.

What is your favorite food related scene from a movie or TV show?

When Harry Met Sally… "too much pepper in my Paprikash." I still have no idea what Paprikash is, but the scene is hilarious.

Watch the scene

What is the one food item you cannot live without?



Erin Cardillo is an actress, writer and acting teacher. She has appeared in leading and supporting roles in feature films and in guest starring, recurring and regular roles on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, spent a year in London studying Shakespeare and a summer at The Public Theater’s Shakespeare Lab in NYC. She is currently the Master Instructor and the Executive Director of the highly reputable Warner Loughlin Studios in Hollywood. Erin's most recent original pilot, We’re Not Your Parents, co-written by Richard Keith, was the winner of the FOX/comedy pilot competition at the 2013 NYTVF, which landed her a development deal with FOX. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband.