Meet the Friends of TMDG -- Douglas Stockley

By Lee Knaz

Douglas Stockley is a realtor who lives in Los Feliz with his wife Rowena and their son Andrew. Their daughter Dakota lives and works in Vancouver.

Share a childhood memory about food/cooking.

My love of cooking came from my Mom. She loved baking and would always have cookies, cakes or some type of cookie bar on hand. She made everything from scratch and that homemade taste set the standard for the foods I would seek out to make. At 13 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer so I innately took on more of the dinners at the house. My passion for cooking grew from my childhood days in the kitchen with my mom. It was this incredible time when we were together and I'm still reminded of her to this day when the ovens on and the smell of something amazing is wafting through the house.

Favorite restaurant in your city and/or in the world.

I'm a big proponent of hole in the wall restaurants with excellent inexpensive food. Some of my favorites in no particular order.....

1. Little Dom's
2. Silverlake Ramen
3. Speranza
4. Mozza Pizzeria
5. Tomato Pie
6. Hugo's Tacos
7. Guisado's
8. Lotteria at the Farmers Market
9. Izaka-Ya Katsu-Ya on 3rd
10. Pho Cafe
11. BLD
12. Slanted Door in San Francisco.

Favorite thing to cook at home or favorite thing to order in?

I love grilling fresh fish and serving with steamed baby broccoli tossed with garlic and olive oil.

Ordering in is never my first choice. Part of my love of food comes from the way your home smells when something's cooking. It's part of the whole experience which is lost on take out or food that's delivered.

I also love making a hearty dish like chili or white beans with sausage, kale and tomatoes.

What is you favorite thing to eat on a Saturday morning?

Green Juice (recipe included).

What is your favorite food related scene from a movie or tv show?

Lucy and Ethel working the conveyor belt in the chocolate factory.

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What is the one food item you cannot live without?

Green Juice. Once your body grows accustomed to being properly hydrated and nourished its hard to go a day without it. It cuts my cravings for sweets and keeps me balanced throughout the day with no midday dips in energy. We were in Europe twice this past year and by the 4th day without green juice I was grabbing for food all day but never really feeling satiated.

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